Tailoring Tricks for Keeping Warm

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Plummeting temperatures can be a challenge for the style conscious. It’s important to ensure you keep yourself warm during the winter months, but doing so can sometimes mean sacrificing your usual fashion choices. 

Luckily, there are ways to keep yourself toasty while still ensuring you look smart. Below we’ve shared some of our favourite tailoring tricks for keeping warm, feeling good and looking sharp… without needing to resort to thermals!

Choose your fabrics carefully

There’s a reason tailors will recommend you invest in at least one winter-weight suit. The thicker the fabric you choose for your bespoke tailoring, the warmer it will be to wear. Fabrics such as wool, cashmere, tweed and flannel lend themselves particularly well for colder weather.

Ensure your suit is fully lined

Not only will a fully lined suit hang beautifully, the lining will also act as an extra layer to keep you warm. 

Invest in a timeless overcoat

A well constructed overcoat is very difficult to beat. Not only will it keep you wonderfully warm (especially if you opt for luxury woollens such as cashmere), it’ll also fit like a glove over your suit and will ensure your overall winter look is more Don Draper than Michelin Man. 

Learn the subtle art of layering

On the coldest days, you may want to add extra layers to your suit. This is an excellent way to keep smart in winter, and well worth experimenting with. Obviously you can add an extra layer or two under your shirt, but you may wish to add more visible items of clothing. Waistcoats and pullovers both suit this purpose beautifully. For best results, keep things simple. We think pullovers and waistcoats in dark, solid colours look best for winter wear.  

Add well curated accessories

Finally, winter is the perfect opportunity to add thoughtful accessories to your suit. This includes gloves, scarves, boots and hats. For the latter, why not make this the winter you invest in a classic fedora?

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