Accessorising a Suit for Winter: How to Get it Right

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The great thing about winter is that it gives style mavens like us a lot more scope for adding accessories to our look. 

From overcoats to hats, scarves and gloves: you can use seasonal accessories to a double advantage by ensuring you choose pieces that will keep you feeling warm and looking sharp.

Want to make sure you get it right this winter? Here are a few nuggets of style wisdom to see you on your way.

Don’t overdo it

As a general rule, when it comes to accessories less is always more. Our advice is to stick to functional pieces and don’t add anything unnecessary.

Choose functional pieces that look great

Functional, of course, doesn’t have to mean unattractive. Why not find accessories that are made from high quality materials with warmth and looks in mind? After all: cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool

If in doubt, go traditional

If you’re unsure how to choose seasonal accessories to wear with high end tailoring, we suggest you make traditional choices. Think Don Draper or Cary Grant, keep your overcoat simple and your hat classic. For the record; we don’t recommend wearing a beanie hat with a suit!

Choose warm shoes

When the weather is poor, a good pair of shoes will have a big impact on how warm you feel. In dreary wet weather, you may prefer to wear a pair of boots with your tailoring. A formal pair of chelsea or desert boots will look dapper and keep you dry.

Experiment with your scarf

There’s more than one way to tie a scarf. With just one scarf you could potentially create dozens of different looks. We recommend you experiment until you find the option that’s best for you. This infographic has eleven suggestions to start with.

Looking for the ideal pair of tailoring-friendly cold-weather boots? We suggest The Harry