How to Look Good in an Overcoat

Photo by Robert Sheie

The traditional overcoat is a true men’s fashion staple. These useful pieces of tailoring are typically crafted from heavy wool fabrics and can be double or single breasted. They’ve reached iconic status thanks to their simple cut and clean lines. Of course, that’s not the only reason to wear one: they’ll also keep you warm!

If you don’t already own a quality overcoat, it might be time to invest. After all, cold weather is no excuse for sacrificing style. Choose well and your overcoat will see you through many winters to come.

We have two key rules for looking good in an overcoat:

Rule one: ensure a proper fit

Because overcoats sit on top of the rest of your clothes, an ill-fitting one will quickly look bulky. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough space for layers underneath your coat without straining your overcoat, but you’ll also want to avoid too much space. The best way to do this is to leave nothing to chance: experienced tailors will encourage you to wear your layers when you’re being measured for your coat. It may feel strange to put on a shirt, jumper and suit jacket before you face the tape measure, but this will give you the most flattering fit. 

Rule two: opt for a coat with a decent weight

The heavier your coat the better it is likely to sit over the rest of your outfit. Overcoats tailored from natural fibres such as wool are ideal in this respect. A 100% wool overcoat will typically weigh about four pounds. A weighty coat like this will not only hang better, it’s also likely to wear well over time and will stand up to the good old British weather season after season. 

The bottom line on overcoats is that they’re the only appropriate outerwear to pair with a suit. This is a piece of premium men’s fashion that will do you a double service by keeping you warm and completing your look. Once you’ve found an overcoat that meets the two rules above, be sure to wear it with pride.