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Working Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, Full Time

Start Date: Immediate Start

Salary: Competitive Salary

We are looking for an ambitious and confident Store Colleague to join the Mullen & Mullen retail team. Interested? Please email your CV and a covering letter to ro@mullenandmullen.co.uk.

About You:

  • Are you confident, personable, trustworthy?
  • Do you have high end retail experience?
  • Do you have a confident telephone manner?
  • Can you adapt to a changing environment?
  • Are you well versed with Microsoft Office software and Google Apps?
  • Do you have a passion for men’s fashion?
If you...

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Ask the Tailor: How Should I Care for My Suit?
Photo by Michael

Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re exploring the issue of how you should care for your suit.

A bespoke tailored suit is an important investment. It’s a clear sign, both to yourself and the people around you, that you believe you’re worth it. 

Of course, once you’ve made such an important investment you’ll want to make sure you look after it. A well cared for suit will serve you faithfully for many years...

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A Day in the Life of a Suit Tailor

In suit appointments I'm often asked where do you visit the most, what areas of London, what industries?

So I thought I'd write this short article describing a typical suit tailoring day I experience in London to give a flavour of what it's like and who else buys bespoke suits from Mullen & Mullen.

As the black sheep of the family business, I live in London and commute up to York. Dominic, Damien and Catriona live in York and commute down to London. My day usually starts with an 8:30 or 9AM appointment and our most commonly visited...

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Merry Christmas from all at Mullen & Mullen

Just like last year, I’ll be taking off the last 2 weeks of December to spend time with family and friends and to prepare for an incredible launch into the new year. We'll be back at the at the start of January. 

If you're looking for reading material during December, you are welcome to browse the full archives (more than 100 published articles), follow us on Twitter or check out our excellent Sunday newsletter. Don't forget to beware the Christmas jumper!

Until then, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, colleagues...

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The 3rd Annual Mullen and Mullen Golf Day

So they arrived, some young, some not so young, in all shapes and sizes (as befits a bespoke tailoring company's golf day); some in hope, some in expectation, some in trepidation and some in awful trousers, to be met with bacon sandwiches and hot drinks to calm the nerves. 

The weather was glorious, the banter less so, as desperate men, and a couple of brave ladies, got their excuses in before they even arrived at the first tee:

"...I haven't touched a golf club since last year...."

"...I'm not really a warm-weather...

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How to Wear Statement Socks with a Suit
Statement Socks with Shoes

Socks. The most practical, safe and boring choice of Father's Day, birthday and Christmas gift for decades.

But in a world dominated by monochromatic menswear, socks don't have to be boring. Indeed, the 'shock sock' is the ideal rebellion against grayscale tyranny and the ideal opportunity to show your personality and style. Whether geometric, striped, dotted or bright, socks are no longer the boring backdrop of your shoes.

Socks are in.

Socks are the new tie.

Whereas the tie, previous home of personal style...

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The Secrets of Body Language: Why You Should Never Wear a Bad Suit
Man comically too small for his suit

When you wear a suit your posture changes. Depending on the quality of fit, the suit may pull on the back of your neck, shoulders or waist, restricting movement and distorting your natural posture. This negatively impacts your body language. Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy highlights its importance:

"Our non-verbals govern how other people think and feel about us". 

But why is posture so important? A recent post by Leo Widrich highlighted a TED talk by Cuddy that explains the...

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5 Perfect Weekend Getaways You Won't Believe Are in the UK

The United Kingdom has a reputation for being overcast, wet, and rainy. But its also beautiful, with many places perfect for a weekend getaway. Grab your handmade weekend bag (currently at 50% off) and escape to these unbelievably picturesque places, with no need to fly. 

St Michael’s Mount

St Michael's Mount

St Michael's Mount is one of Cornwall's most famous landmarks, boasting a beautiful harbour, stunning castle and majestic gardens, make it ideal for a weekend getaway. It's also steeped in legend and folklore - Cornish legend holds that the Mount was...

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Undeniable Proof That A Suit Makes You Smarter
Albert Einstein writing Undeniable Proof That A Suit Makes You Smarter on a blackboard

The world of work is a crowded place. You need a competitive advantage to stand out and looking great in a bespoke suit is one of our favourites. Amazingly, we have undeniable scientific proof that it works. 

“What a strange power there is in clothing.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Noble Prize Winner

Northwestern University researchers Adam Galinsky and Hajo Adam found that wearing a scientists lab coat participants experienced significantly higher attention spans. Shockingly, when told the same...

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Expert: Fused versus Floating Canvas
Fused versus Floating Canvas

The canvassing or padding to be found in a suit jacket may not be visible on first glance, but it plays a vital role in producing the desired look and feel of a jacket.

With all ready-to-wear suits, you'll find a fused canvas within. Fused canvassing is a recent development that came along with mass manufacture and uses an inferior quality material that is firmly attached to the fabric. This leads to a much more rigid feel and a sensation that you are wrestling against your jacket, rather...

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