Expert: Fused versus Floating Canvas

Fused versus Floating Canvas

The canvassing or padding to be found in a suit jacket may not be visible on first glance, but it plays a vital role in producing the desired look and feel of a jacket.

With all ready-to-wear suits, you'll find a fused canvas within. Fused canvassing is a recent development that came along with mass manufacture and uses an inferior quality material that is firmly attached to the fabric. This leads to a much more rigid feel and a sensation that you are wrestling against your jacket, rather than enjoying it flowing with you. Fuse jackets are also prone to "bubbling" where air pockets work into the fusing and create an unattractive rippled or bubbled finish to the jacket.

However, with a Mullen & Mullen bespoke suit jacket, you'll find a floating canvas within. This canvas is made of a wool and horsehair or camel hair, and helps provide the drape and feel that makes a Mullen & Mullen bespoke suit so fantastic.

So what is a floating canvas as opposed to a fused or any other kind of canvas? A floating canvas is securely, but loosely stitched to the fabric and allows the garment to move with you. This results in the fabric having a more natural drape, comfortably resulting in a figure-fitting manner. This also means that with wear the jacket will become ever more comfortable and feel like an old friend everytime you slip it on.

Naturally all of our suits use a floating canvas which helps to make them a pleasure to wear.

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