How to Wear Statement Socks with a Suit

Statement Socks with Shoes

Socks. The most practical, safe and boring choice of Father's Day, birthday and Christmas gift for decades.

But in a world dominated by monochromatic menswear, socks don't have to be boring. Indeed, the 'shock sock' is the ideal rebellion against grayscale tyranny and the ideal opportunity to show your personality and style. Whether geometric, striped, dotted or bright, socks are no longer the boring backdrop of your shoes.

Socks are in.

Socks are the new tie.

Whereas the tie, previous home of personal style expression, is suffering a decline in the age of business casual, the statement sock has the power to express your personality. The humble sock can dress up casual outfits and dress down a suit, yet remain subtle enough to be professional.

Michael Fisher, men's editor at Stylesight, a New York-based trend-forecasting firm, says the statement socks are perfect for the gentlemen seeking to express personality from his suit.

“These are men who strive to stand out from the crowd, even in a subtle way,” he says. “A gentleman may sport a navy blazer and chinos or a gray flannel suit, but there will always be a pop of interest when he crosses his legs or sits down in a chair.”

So, how do you wear a statement sock? Our five essential tips are:

  1. Find a high quality sock, not too light or football sock heavy - it should fit your shoe comfortably
  2. Start simple with stripes and dots, don't overcompensate.
  3. Avoid novelty, or seasonal socks
  4. Don't be afraid to clash the colour with the trouser. However, do not match the sock to your other accessories, in the same way that a pocket square should never perfectly match your tie
  5. Ensure your trousers are the correct length by using a tailoring service. Too short will show too much, too long will hide your sock style.
When putting a outfit together, socks are a unique opportunity to be daring and express your style. Follow our five simple tips and start to add the statement sock to your personal style.

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