Style Inspiration from Charlie Siem

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Charlie Siem is a classical Violinist and model. He was born in London, and started playing the violin at the age of three. 

He first performed a concerto with an orchestra at fifteen, then had the honour of playing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra aged just eighteen. In recent years, Siem has been involved in the more mainstream side of the music industry by performing with artists including The Who and Miley Cyrus. 

Siem may be a very talented musician, but he also has a very natural eye for style and tailoring. As a model, he has been the face of both Dunhill London and Hugo Boss. Siem clearly feels very comfortable in a suit, a fact he attributes mainly to his schooling at Eton. 

In fact, Siem’s look still has something of the uniform about it. His on-duty style is very much based around this idea. He has invested a lot of time into finding the exact style of tailoring that works for him, then has built up a wardrobe of minimalist accessories to accompany it. The result is a collection of navy and grey suits worn with white and pale blue shirts, topped with a black tie of beautiful quality. 

We think finding the exact look that works for you and staying faithful to it, despite the many temptations of the fast fashion world, is an admirable feat. 

Want to see more examples of Charlie Siem’s minimalist tailoring? See here, here and here for an on point look that never falters. 

As a final note, if you’ve ever wondered how Siem is able to have such flexibility to play the violin in a structured jacket; the answer is a great tailor. In the early years, Siem wore jackets that were too big for him in order to move the way he needed to. This problem was solved when Siem found a tailor who was able to create a fitted jacket with a slit in the back that would allow full manoeuvrability. 

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