Style Inspiration from Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman has been in the news this week thanks to his big win at the 2018 Academy Awards. Oldman was named Best Actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the biopic Darkest Hour.

Oldman is a British actor known for his expressive approach to character portrayal. Oldman started his career on the stage and was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He got his first film roles in the 1980s, though continued to take roles in stage plays. 

Thanks to roles in films such as Sid & Nancy, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead  and The Firm, Oldman soon began to be considered one of the ‘Brit Pack’ group of actors. 

Over the past four decades, Oldman’s career has continued to go from strength the strength. In recent years he has appeared in huge film franchises including The Dark Knight Trilogy and Harry Potter

There’s something beautifully classic about Oldman’s style. Here is proof, it were ever needed, that it’s not necessary to keep reinventing the wheel when it comes to fashion. Oldman has honed a traditional tailoring look that he knows works for him. 

In fact, in the four decades Oldman has been in the film industry, his look has changed very little. He is clearly extremely comfortable in his uniform of dark suit and open necked shirt; no tie. The rest of the look changes slightly depending on the event, but generally Oldman keeps it simple and pairs the look with floppy hair, thick rimmed glasses and, perhaps, a scarf. 

Oldman’s confidence with this ‘uniform’ shines through and ensures he never looks out of place, whatever the event. True to form, Oldman's outfit for his recent Oscar win was a perfectly cut, perfectly traditional black dinner jacket, accessorised with a black bow tie and polka dot pocket square. 

If you’re looking for some classic British tailored style inspiration, we recommend you take a look at Gary Oldman’s wardrobe! Why not start with this Pinterest board dedicated to street style photos of the actor?