Why Your Suit Lining Matters

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You may not believe us at first, but trust us when we say that the lining of the most important decisions you make about your suit during the tailoring process.

Yes, we hear you, you can’t even see the lining from the outside of the suit… But don’t for a minute think that means it won’t have an impact on how your suit looks.

There are four key reasons why you should take time to consider which type of lining is right for your suit. 

1. It will impact on how comfortable your suit is

The lining is on the inside of your jacket, which means it plays a very big role in how comfortable your suit is. The nicer your lining fabric, the more comfortable you are likely to be when wearing it. 

The general advice here is to choose fabrics with high natural fibre content as these are likely to be more breathable and less likely to produce static electricity. 

2. It will impact on how warm/cool your suit is

It goes (almost) without saying that the fabric you choose to line your suit with will make a difference to how warm or cool that suit ends up being. 

Winter weight suits are likely to be best matched with wool based lining fabrics, whereas summer weight suits call for linen or cotton based linings. 

3. It will impact on how your suit hangs

You may not be able to see a lining from the outside of a suit, but you can tell whether a suit is well or poorly lined just by looking at it. 

The lining fabric you choose, as well as whether a jacker is unlined, partially lined or fully lined, will have a big impact on how it hangs on your frame. 

4. It will impact on how your jacket looks when it’s unbuttoned

Of course, when you have your suit jacket unbuttoned, it’s likely that some of the lining fabric will be visible to other people. For this reason, the colour or print of the lining does contribute significantly to the overall look of your suit. 

Your own personal style, as well as the context of where you plan to wear your suit, will help you decide whether to go for a bold or subtle lining choice. 

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