When is it Okay to Ditch Your Jacket?

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Schools used to have strict rules concerning summer attire. Do you remember? At a certain temperature it would be announced that summer uniform was the order of the day, and all the boys would be able to take off their blazers and breathe a hot sigh of relief.

There aren’t such strict rules as an adult. Though it’s undoubtedly a good thing to be in charge of your own wardrobe, it does add a level of uncertainty to summer attire. If you’re in a formal environment it can be hard to know when it’s okay to relax the rules on tailoring. 

Ditching your jacket in the office

The office can be a tricky one. When temperatures really soar it can be uncomfortable to stick with your full suit, not to mention unproductive. However, shirt sleeves are not always welcome, especially in workspaces where traditional attire is the norm. 

Many gentlemen look to more senior members of the team for guidance. If they’ve taken off their jackets, it may feel right for you to do the same. Equally, you may feel comfortable removing your jacket at your own desk but need to put it back on again to attend a meeting.

Ditching your jacket at a wedding

Again, this one completely depends on how formal the wedding is. Many gentlemen err on the side of caution and will keep their jacket on during the ceremony. It’s generally considered acceptable to remove your jacket after the ceremony is over and the formal photographs have been taken. 

Ditching your jacket at a funeral

Even on the hottest of days, most gentlemen will keep their jackets on during a funeral service as a mark of respect. Depending on the location and formality of the proceedings, it may be reasonable to remove your jacket at the reception. Again, it can be helpful to look to more senior people and members of the family to see what is considered acceptable.

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