Is it Time to Switch to Your Summer Suit?

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May is here and we’ve been lucky enough to have experienced some really lovely weather over the last few weeks. Of course, the weather in the UK is always changeable, so it’s wise not to get too comfortable with the sunshine! 

Having said that, we do think now is the time to pull out your summer suit from the back of the wardrobe if you haven’t already. Milder days and occasional bright sunshine make it the ideal time to air your summer weight suits and make sure they’re ready for when the full force of summer hits.

What about all season suits? 

There’s no doubt that an all season suit is a very useful addition to your wardrobe. They’re ideal for transition seasons when we’re never quite sure what the weather is going to throw at us.

You won’t be too cold if the weather turns sharp again, and you’ll be reasonably cool and comfortable on the days when temperatures pick up.

However, an all season suit is really no substitute for a light weight summer suit when temperatures soar!

Why you’ll love a summer suit 

If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of a summer suit, you’re in for a treat. First of all, let us assure you that a summer suit doesn’t have to be white or beige (though we can certainly make a great case for both of these options). 

Summer suits are cut from much lighter weight fabric than standard suits. They’re typically made from linens and natural cottons, which perform brilliantly in the heat. Lighter colours are the most popular as they help to reflect the heat rather than absorbing it. Lighter greys and blues are popular choices.

Is your wardrobe missing a summer suit? We may still be able to help, though we do recommend that you get in touch ASAP!