What to Wear for the Office Christmas Party

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We happen to think that Christmas is an excellent time of year for fans of tailored clothing. Why? Because the packed social calendar we often find ourselves facing in December gives us ample opportunity to show off our wardrobes.

Not sure what to wear for this year’s office party? We’ve rounded up three suggestions below. 

Black tie do

If your office party has been described as a black tie do, then you’re in luck. The very fact of it being black tie gives you a crystal clear indicator of what you should be wearing! 

For a black tie event, wear a dinner suit in black or navy. For best results, pair it with a classic white shirt and a black bow tie. If you like to push the boundaries a little, try swapping the black bow tie for a cravat: we prefer the look of classic solids, subtle patterns and jewel tones. 

Formal dinner

If this year’s office party is going to be held at a formal restaurant, then we very much recommend that you dress to impress your colleagues. A two or three piece suit is the ideal choice here. If we had to choose, we’d opt for navy or dark grey at this time of year, though a checked suit can also be an excellent festive choice.

Want to add a touch of Christmas cheer? Our advice is to give any novelty ties a very wide berth, and choose a silk tie and/or pocket square in appropriate tones of red and green instead. 

Smart/casual party

If the venue for your office party is a more low key restaurant or bar, you may wish to choose a more smart/casual tailoring vibe. 

A blazer can work perfectly in these scenarios. Wear it with a pair of chinos and a plain shirt for maximum style impact. For best results, leave your tie at home and unbutton your top two buttons. It’s a party, after all! 

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