Traditional Spring Tailoring

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Welcome to British Summer Time! Now that the clocks have leapt forward, our calendars assure us that we should begin to see sunnier days, balmier temperatures and frolicking lambs. Whatever the weather is doing, we believe that the start of a new season is an excellent time to give your wardrobe a good once over.

Embracing seasonal wardrobe changes is a great way to keep your look fresh, give wardrobe favourites a bit of a break and weed out any unworn garments. It’s also a brilliant excuse to invest in a few new key pieces!

If you’re keen to bring a more springlike air to your clothing choices, here are three traditional ways to bring it in to your tailoring. 


Think of a blazer as your suit jacket’s less formal younger brother. Blazers are a great choice for the spring and summer months. They offer greater styling flexibility than a suit jacket, meaning you can often have quite a bit of fun with them. For a traditional spring look, pair a navy blazer and a crisp white shirt with a well-fitted pair of chinos. We’ll leave the chino colour choice is up to you, though this chino rainbow might help you decide!


The traditional springtime colour palette is made up of pastels. Pastel blue, green, yellow and pink are all great choices for a seasonal wardrobe. The easiest way to bring these shades into your outfit is to wear them on a tie or pocket square. Alternatively, try wearing a pastel shirt, tieless, under a grey linen suit. 

Linen and Cotton

As the season changes, so too should your suit fabrics. Heavy wool suits should be safely stored away until the autumn and replaced by linen, cotton and lightweight wool blends. Natural fibres are ideal for spring and summer suits as they are pleasantly breathable and will help to keep you cool.

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