The History of Blazer

Bespoke Blazer

Enjoying the early transition into spring? It's time to ditch your overcoats and move on to the Great British Blazer.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a blazer as a "sports jacket not worn with matching trousers ".

However, there are many urban legends as to where the blazer originated.

Bespoke Blazer Brass Buttons

One cites that in 1837 Queen Victoria was due to inspect the HMS Blazer. The Commander, keen to disguise his unsightly crew required them to wear a short jacket with brass buttons. Victoria was apparently so impressed she required all her sailors wear the same uniform.

In current times we often associate wearing a blazer with an allegiance to a sports teams. Another myth of its origin of the blazer is that the oarsmen of the Lady Margaret Boat Club from St John’s College at Cambridge University wore red stripe jackets and they were ‘ablaze’ in the water.

Bespoke Boating Blazer

The brightly coloured boating blazers at the Henley rowing regatta are a sartorial favourite of the classic english gentleman and viewing the dappers crowds in the Stewards enclosure is often as enjoyable as watching the racing. We've made many over the years.

Whether you opt for a brightly coloured boating blazer or a double breasted gold buttoned blazer it shall always remain an essential part of any mans wardrobe. A top tip is to aim for at least a 100% wool for a durable and timeless piece.

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