Style Inspiration from Nick Cave

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Nick Cave is an Australian singer-songwriter best known for fronting the alternative rock bank Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Over the past four decades, Cave has released an impressive twenty albums, including work with bands, collaborations and solo projects. He’s also written a number of novels and taken on various acting projects during this time.

In addition to these many creative endeavours, Cave is also known for his stylistic choices. In fact, he’s widely considered the best dressed gentleman in rock ’n’ roll! Whatever the occasion, Cave is always perfectly turned out in beautiful tailoring.

One of the most impressive things about Nick Cave’s style is his apparent unwavering commitment to it! According to all evidence; Cave doesn’t seem to have been seen in public without a suit since, well, ever.

There’s an excellent lesson to learn here. Namely; you don’t have to be constantly evolving your style for it to work. Once you’ve found a look you love, there’s no reason not to stick to it. After all, there’s an awful lot to be said for having a well-known signature style!

Want to take a look at some of Nick Cave’s best style moments?

Cave is known for wearing a classic black suit. Here he is playing with texture with a silky ink-coloured suit, and mixing things up with pinstripes. We also admire how Cave frequently uses vintage details like this seventies-inspired collar to keep things fresh.

And here’s proof, if it were needed, that Cave’s signature look has fared just as well in recent years as it did during the heyday of his career.

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