Style Inspiration from Jefferson Hack

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Jefferson Hack is the eponymously cool founder of alternative style and culture magazine Dazed & Confused, as well as its sister publications An0ther and An0ther Man. 

He’s also the co-founder of a global video channel, Kate Moss’ ex boyfriend and reportedly the coolest man in Britain

Unsurprisingly for a man who’s made a career of spotting emerging trends, Hack is the owner of a very impressive wardrobe. His personal style teeters delightfully on the edge between traditional tailoring and a more rock and roll aesthetic.

What we love about Hack’s look is how much his attitude shines through. Whether he is adorned in a leather jacket or a dinner jacket and bow tie, he always looks seriously cool. For example, this look with a no-nonsense red blazer paired with a patterned white shirt is both eye-catching and aggressively stylish.

There’s also a lot to be admired in how successfully Hack mixes tailoring with separates. Whether it’s pairing blazers with jeans or layering suits with overcoats, Hack somehow always comes out on top. We certainly appreciate his choice of outdoor accessories here: with a checked overcoat and bowler hat over a metallic suit

Another case in point? Here’s a Hack masterclass on how to pair a suit jacket with jeans: first in a grey suit jacket paired with grey jeans, and second with a more formal pale jacket with bow tie

Hack is also an expert on playing with fit and silhouette. He looks great in a slightly-oversized suit, especially with a popped jacket collar. And again here, this time with hand-folded trouser turn ups. 

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