Six Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

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The pocket square is a gentlemen’s tailoring accessory that has been popular since the 1920s. It offers a simple addition to a suit that can make a big impact on the whole look. 

A pocket square is a silk handkerchief. They are worn folded and tucked into the top breast pocket of a suit jacket. Pocket squares look very effective in both solid colours and patterns. Which type you choose will depend on the suit, the occasion, and your own personal style preferences. 

Whether you’re new to pocket squares, or whether you’re an aficionado looking for a fresh way to wear one, you’re on the right blog.

Here are six ways to fold a pocket square. 

1. The One Point Fold

In the One Point Fold, the handkerchief is folded diagonally and tucked into the pocket with one sharp point showing. 

2. The Two Point Fold

The Two Point Fold is a very similar idea to the One Point Fold, though the handkerchief is folded diagonally off centre, so that two points show when it is placed in the pocket. 

3. The Puff Fold

The Puff Fold is achieved by grouping all four corners of the handkerchief together and tucking them down into the bottom of your pocket so that it is the middle ‘puff’ that appears at the top of the pocket. 

4. The Crown Fold

Perhaps the easiest way to describe the Crown Fold is as an upside down puff. It is created in the same way with one crucial difference: the four points of the handkerchief stick out of the pocket instead of the ‘puff’. 

5. The Presidential Fold

The Presidential Fold is a very simple fold. The handkerchief is folded into quarters and placed neatly in the pocket. 

6. The Straight Shell Fold

In the Straight Shell Fold, the handkerchief is folded into pleats then the ends are brought together and placed in the pocket. 

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