Is it Too Early to Talk Winter Coats?

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We may be well into the Autumn/Winter fashion season… but is mid-September too early to start talking about winter coats? We say no. 

The weather may still be too mild to need to wear one (luckily!), but if you want to be well prepared for the cooler weather ahead, now is the time to start.

A good winter overcoat will last for many years. However, in order to get this benefit you’ll need to put in a bit of effort in return. This is the ideal time of year to get out your winter coat and give it a good once over. 

Ask yourself:

  • Does it need to be dry cleaned before the cold weather hits? (If you didn’t get it cleaned at the end of last winter, the answer to this is probably yes).
  • Does it still fit well? (Remember to try it on over a suit to get a true idea of fit).
  • Does it need to have any repairs made? (Even the smallest issue is best sorted out ASAP. Don’t forget to check the lining inside your pockets!)
  • Is it still in a good general condition? (A coat that’s starting to look worn is likely to be less effective at keeping out the cold and rain).
  • Does it need to be brushed down? (A good going over with a quality clothes brush can often make tailored menswear look like new again).

Making these checks now, and following through on any action that needs to be taken, will ensure you’re ready once the cooler weather hits in the coming weeks. 

The other reason to do these checks now is that there’s still time to order a new overcoat should you decide your current one isn’t up to another winter. Most bespoke men’s tailors have a six week turnaround, so ordering a new overcoat now should ensure that it’s ready by November. 

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