How to Dress to Impress on Valentine's Day

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Have you booked your table yet for Valentine’s Day? The 14th February is one of the busiest nights of the year for dinner dates, and expectations tend to be high. 

Whether you’re planning a date with someone new or a partner of many, many years: trust us when we say that first impressions really matter. The outfit you choose will instantly convey to your date just how important the evening is to you. Make an effort and the night is likely to get off to a delightful start, throw something on at the last minute and you may find yourself playing catch up to make up for it.

Below are a few tips from us on how to dress to impress.

Always wear a jacket

One of the simplest ways to make a good V-Day impression is to make sure you wear a jacket, not just a shirt and trousers. Whether you’re eating dinner at a silver service restaurant or your local bistro, the right jacket will make the evening into a special event. 

If you’ll be eating at a formal or upmarket restaurant, a suit is always the right choice. If you’re meeting at a bar or bistro, you may wish to experiment with a blazer or sports jacket. 

Give a (non-corny) nod to the occasion

There’s no escaping the fact that Valentine’s day can be incredibly twee. We think the best way to handle this is to accept and embrace the day for what it is. We’re not suggesting you adorn yourself with hearts and pink sparkles(!), but a jewel-toned red tie or pocket square will help you get into the spirit of the day. 

Don’t forget your overcoat

It’s cold out there. Put the finishing touch on your date night ensemble with a classic wool overcoat. It’ll go beautifully with your suit, it’ll keep you warm and dry… and it’ll give you the classily-romantic option of offering it to your date should they not have dressed so sensibly themselves.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!