The Fashionable Guide to the Perfect Date

Photo by Kevin N. Murphy

When it comes to romance, it always pays to make an effort. That goes for location (we suggest somewhere highly rated), transport (anything but a bus or a bicycle), gifts (flowers and jewellery are classics for a reason), little extra surprises (a pre-ordered bottle of champagne will earn a lot of brownie points) and, of course, your outfit. 

We’re not going to say that the right outfit will turn any date into a roaring success. After all, achieving the perfect rendezvous is a complex formula of forward planning, asking the right person, first impressions and chemistry. But what we will say is that wise sartorial choices play a big part in the overall success of the endeavour. 

Want to know why?

We can give you three reasons:

  1. The better dressed you are the more attractive you’ll be, simple.
  2. Looking good will feel great and therefore give you a huge confidence boost.
  3. Making an effort will show your date that you think they’re worth it.

But how do you make the right sort of effort?


Here are a few dos and don’ts from us to get you started.

Don’t wear something ill-fitting: it’ll show you up.

Do feel free to skip the tie. A few loose buttons at the top of your shirt can quickly turn office wear into ideal date attire.

Don’t feel you need to go overboard for a smart casual date. A blazer or sports jacket will do the trick nicely.

Do choose a few high impact accessories. This is a great way to add a bit of personality. 

Don’t be tempted to wear an outfit that’s not your usual style. It’ll just make you feel awkward.

Do give your tailoring a going over with a good quality clothes brush. Details matter!

And on that same note… don’t forget to polish your shoes! 

Do make sure every part of your chosen outfit is comfortable. You won’t want to waste time being bothered by too-tight trousers or pinching shoes. 

Don’t be afraid to go classic: it’s often the best choice for making a good impression.

Do spend some time with an iron before you leave the house.

Don’t be fooled: a red heart patterned tie may seem amusingly ironic before you leave the house but trust us when we say it won’t by the time you reach the restaurant. 

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