Five Questions Your Tailor Should Ask About Your Overcoat

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The beginning of autumn is almost upon us. As well as the cooler weather and the changing leaves, for us the coming season is about the return of a much loved form of tailoring: the overcoat.

If your current overcoat has seen better days, the start of September is an excellent time to talk to your tailor about a new one. 

Your tailor will need to ask plenty of questions to ensure they create your ideal overcoat. Here are five questions they’re likely to ask you; along with why the answers are important. 

1. What will you mainly be wearing it with?

What you wear underneath your overcoat will have a big impact on the overall look and feel. It’s important for your tailor to get a good understanding of how versatile you will require your coat to be. 

2. How much do you feel the cold?

One of the great things about choosing a bespoke overcoat is that you will be able to decide just how warm you want it to be. Different outer fabrics will create different levels of warmth, as will linings and inner padding. 

3. How formal do you want it to be?

Different lapel types, fabrics, colours, patterns and shapes all count towards how formal the finished product is, as does whether you choose to go single or double breasted. 

4. What kind of pockets do you prefer?

Preferred pocket style is a very personal choice. When you have a bespoke overcoat made, you can choose exactly what type of pockets you want, how many you want, and where you would like them to be placed. 

5. Do you feel more comfortable in longer or shorter styles?

If you are anything other than completely average in height, it can be tricky to find an off-the-rack overcoat that is just the right length on you. Your tailor can help you achieve this, whether you prefer shorter peacoat styles or longer trench coats. 

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