Autumn Style: How to Stay Smart When the Temperature Drops

There’s no doubt about it; once September arrives, autumn is never too far behind. The ground is littered with pine cones, the trees turn gold and suddenly everyone is talking about heavier tailoring, overcoats and knitwear while pulling out umbrellas. While the sun might still be shining when you leave the house, autumn mornings have a certain chill, and there’s always a chance that it could be raining by lunchtime; so today, we’ve come up with top tips on staying smart and looking stylish when you just can’t predict the weather.

Work with layers

When it comes to tailoring and bespoke office wear, dressing for summer and winter is fairly straightforward, but the mixed temperatures of autumn make it far more difficult. If you don’t want to be freezing at the station in the morning, or sweating in your bespoke suit by lunchtime, simply use layers to keep yourself comfortable and smart. Adding a fine knit between your shirt and suit jacket can make a surprising amount of difference, and also looks great; either keep it neutral and brighten things up with a patterned tie, or opt for a strong colour and make it a key focal point.

Consider heavier tailoring

While it might not quite be time for all the heavy, luxurious bespoke wool suits to come out of their summer storage places, autumn is a good point to start thinking about swapping your light linen and cotton tailoring for something a little more robust. Fabrics such as tweed are great in the autumn, and are available in a wide range of colours and checks; the heritage style makes them a classic that won’t date, while the tightly woven strands mean they’re a great insulator against those chilly blasts.

Add an overcoat

Although it might not be cold enough to add a full length coat on top of your office tailoring, a lighter jacket such as a trench coat or short woollen jacket can be ideal in the walk to the bus stop on a chilly morning. A trench is great for keeping out surprise showers, and will keep you warm without being too bulky, while a shorter jacket or tailored blazer provides an extra layer while still looking on trend.

Find a good umbrella

Coats, jackets and knitted layers are all wonderful for keeping out the cold, but it has to be said that they won’t keep you dry if the heavens open on the way to the office in the morning. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the morning meeting with a soggy bespoke suit and dripping hair, so consider investing in a decent umbrella to keep the rain off. Opt for neutral colours and large sizes to keep it simple yet smart, and look for a quick-folding action if you spend a lot of time hopping on and off public transport.

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