Why the Smallest Details Can Make a Big Impact

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There are so many reasons why bespoke tailoring is an excellent choice. One of the main reasons for this is that you, the wearer of the suit, get to make a decisions about every last aspect of the suit. 

This, of course, includes the big details such as the style, the fabric type, the fit and the lining. But it also includes all the small details such as the kind of buttons, the style of pockets, the type of fly, whether to include vents or whether you prefer trouser cuffs or no trouser cuffs.

How important are these details?

The answer to this really depends on your perspective. To someone who is not wearing the suit and is maybe only seeing it in a photograph or from the audience of a conference, these small details will likely be missed. 

However, these smaller details can make a huge difference to the person wearing the suit. In fact, it’s often these smaller details that have a bigger impact on how comfortable and practical a suit is to wear. 

Is perfection in the details?!

Almost all of us could walk into a high street shop and purchase a perfectly nice suit off the peg. It may fit reasonably well and have nearly all the features we look for in a suit… but is this enough?!

When you choose a bespoke tailor, you choose them because you want true perfection from your suit. Perfectly nice, reasonably well and nearly all is just not good enough for a bespoke gentlemen’s tailor.

We believe that true perfection is in the details. It’s about being able to choose a suit in the perfect style and colour… but also making sure that same suit fits your body in the most comfortable and flattering way possible, has all the practical features you want from it, and is completed with tiny style details you love.

So this is how the smallest details can have the biggest impact. It’s these smaller details that add up to the perfect garment. You can read about our process for creating these perfect bespoke garments here.