Why Every Gentleman Needs a Dinner Jacket

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It would be fair to say that traditional dress codes have declined somewhat since their heyday. Once upon a time each event would come with a pre-defined dress code which would clearly set out exactly which attire gentlemen would be expected to show up in.

Lounge suits were worn for the office, a sports jacket for daytime social events and black tie for formal dinner parties. Though they left less space for style creativity, these rules made it far easier to know what to wear for any given occasion.

However, just because the average modern man may have less opportunities to wear a dinner jacket than in the past, we don’t believe he should forgo owning one altogether.

In fact, we think a well chosen dinner jacket should be a key part of any tailoring fan’s wardrobe. Here’s why:

A bespoke dinner jacket is the perfect attire to impress

Whether you’ve got a big date or are attending a formal professional event, a well fitted dinner jacket will show the people around you just how seriously you are taking the occasion.

You’ll always look your best in a dinner jacket

There’s just something very special about a dinner jacket. We can almost guarantee that you’ll look better in it than any other item in your wardrobe.

A dinner jacket will ensure you fit in at formal events

Evening events that require a dinner jacket may be less common than they were a generation ago, but that’s not to say that they don’t still exist. Events such as professional award ceremonies, formal dinners, black tie parties, balls, and charity auctions all request black tie dress, so it’s wise to have a special outfit in reserve for these.

Hired tailoring just never looks as good

You could hire a dinner jacket for the occasions you’re required to wear one… but the reality is that it just won’t look even half as good as one that’s been made specially for you!

Got an ideas of what your ideal dinner jacket would look like? Book an appointment with our expert tailors and we can talk about making those ideas a reality.