When to Swap Your Suit Jacket for Knitwear

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As the temperatures drop, you may be wondering what the style etiquette is for swapping your suit jacket for a cosy jumper or cardigan.

Knitwear can work very well with tailored trousers, and most items will also look sharp when paired with a shirt and tie. If you want to experiment with this winter weather-appropriate look, here are some style guidelines to keep in mind.

Make sure your knitwear fits you well

A cardigan or sweater is a very different garment than a suit jacket. However, they have one key thing in common: the fit of both is vital.

The main difference between smart knitwear and casual knitwear is the fit. Generally speaking, the better fitted your sweater, the more appropriate it is for more formal environments such as the workplace. 

Consider wool quality and content

If your primary reason for reaching for a sweater or cardigan is warmth, make sure you choose knitwear with a high natural wool content. Natural fibres are generally much more insulating than their synthetic counterparts. Alpaca, lambswool, merino, cashmere and silk will all help to keep you snug during the colder months.  

Opt for plain over patterned

For formal occasions and/or the workplace, we recommend choosing plain knitwear over patterned knitwear. This includes textured or cabled knitwear. Solid colours are easier to get right and generally look smarter. 

This also goes for the shirt you’re combining it with! If in doubt, it’s very difficult to go wrong with a plain white shirt.

Make sure you tie a crisp tie knot

When you are pairing your tie with a sweater, the quality of the knot you tie is key. This is because your sweater will cover most of your tie, especially if you choose a crew neck sweater, so the part that is visible needs to be perfect.

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