When to Start Planning Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer

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Don’t worry, we know it’s only February. The idea of starting to think about your spring/summer wardrobe in this weather may seem close to laughable. However, trust us when we say that advanced planning is an important part of sartorial success.

To understand why it’s so important to plan your seasonal wardrobe in advance, we need to explain a bit about tailoring lead times.

Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, when you make an appointment with a bespoke tailor you’ll be able to sit down and discuss exactly what you’re looking for. Your tailor will give expert advice on fit, style, fabric and features, and together you’ll narrow down exactly what you want from your new garment.

Once this brief has been confirmed, your tailor will start the process of creating your garment. When it starts to take shape, you'll be invited for a first fitting. This allows you and your tailor to check fit and note any alterations that need to be made.

After the first fitting, your tailor will make any necessary alterations and finish your garment. This will then be revealed to you during the final fitting. In most cases you’ll be able to leave this final fitting with your garment, though if there are any final alterations to be made, your tailor will of course take care of these for you.

This process usually takes around six weeks from first appointment to finished garment.

This six week lead time means that if you want to start the spring/summer season with a new summer-weight suit or linen blazer, you’ll need to start thinking about it this month!

If you’ve started appraising your seasonal wardrobe and have identified a few gaps, we’d love to sit down and talk to you about filling them. You can book an appointment online here