What We Can Learn from the Tailoring of the Sixties

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The Swinging Sixties is known as a time of cultural revolution. Many of the restrictive societal norms from earlier in the twentieth century were relaxed during this period.

What are the sixties known for?

When we think of the 1960s we often think of hippy culture, Beatlemania, the moon landing, Woodstock and the anti-war movement. This decade also saw great leaps forwards in terms of addressing sexism and racism.

Inventions of the 1960s include the video games console, the computer mouse, LEDs, lasers, weather satellites, the audio cassette and ATMs.

What was the fashion of the period?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a fashion revolution came with the fall of restrictive societal norms! Gentlemen had more styles to choose from than ever before. Looks such as mod, bohemia, biker and beatnik were all very popular at this time.

The mod look is synonymous with 1960s tailoring. The best visual we can give you for this is the Beatles. Young men (and not so young men!) the world over were inspired by their slim fitted tailoring and narrow cuts.

The sixties mod look was very much about clean lines. This incorporated inspiration from the Edwardian styles preferred by the 1950s Teddy Boys but also incorporated more contemporary inspiration such as bold sixties colours and prints.

What style lessons can we learn from the sixties?

The great thing about the 1960s mod look is that it can be as current today as it was then. The 1960s look was all about slim, flattering cuts. These have stood the test of time far better than many of the fashions that came after.

If you’d like to see some more vintage style inspiration, take a look at what we can learn from the tailoring of the sixties.