What We Can Learn from the Tailoring of the Noughties

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It might not really seem like history, but we’re now a decade out from the noughties. When you look back at styles from this period, you may be surprised at how much our everyday and tailoring style has changed.

What are the noughties known for?

The first decade of the twenty-first century was characterised by the incredible growth of the internet. This digital revolution meant that global communication was easier than ever before, which led to a period of globalisation.

Innovations during this time include wireless internet, smartphones, social networking, GPS and high definition television.

What was the fashion of the period?

In many ways, the 2000s continued the trend of embracing fast fashion and increasingly casual outfits. Outside of tailoring, distressed denim and leather jackets were big menswear trends, as were tracksuits and classic rock ‘n’ roll t-shirts.

However, during this decade there was also a big move towards embracing retro and vintage style. Mod-inspired slim cut blazers were very popular, as was tailoring inspired by The Beatles and James Bond.

The growth of popularity of slim cut jeans in the latter part of the decade inspired slim cut formal wear.

What style lessons can we learn from the noughties?

A slimmer fit in tailoring is certainly something we still enjoy today. The move away from the wider cuts of 1990s power suits was a welcome one, and a reminder that a closer fit is often more flattering.

We also really like the willingness of this period to beg, borrow and steal from earlier style periods. After all, there’s so much style inspiration to be gained from the past.

If you’d like to see some more (distant!) vintage style inspiration, take a look at what we can learn from the tailoring of the thirties.