What We Can Learn from the Tailoring of the Nineties

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 When you think about the nineties, what do you think of? Perhaps it’s the rise in popular culture movements such as rave, grunge and hip hop. Maybe it’s the beginning of the rapid technological developments that came with the world wide web. Perhaps, quite simply, it’s the Spice Girls.

What are the nineties known for?

The 1990s are known as a time of technological developments and new alternative culture scenes. Scientific breakthroughs included the first steps in gene therapy and ‘designer babies.’ Cable television was also new during this decade. The movie industry experienced a boost thanks to the revival of the Disney classic films, and then the release of the original Toy Story, which revolutionized animation.

What was the fashion of the period? 

If we’re being honest here, the nineties isn’t generally a period known for its impeccable style. However, the fashion world has been paying homage to the decade recently with more relaxed, oversized silhouettes.

Fashion in the nineties came with an edge of rebellion. Though this was most explicit in the leisure wear of the period, a heavy element of this was reflected in tailoring. Suits adopted this same oversized, relaxed fit as more casual clothes. They were comfortable, sure, but were they stylish? We’ll let you answer that. They were also often accessorised with wide cut novelty ties; you can probably guess how we feel about those.  

What style lessons can we learn from the nineties? 

If you’re looking to the 1990s for tailoring advice, it’s probably more a case of learning what not to do. Oversized silhouettes certainly have their place, but we’re not sure that place is tailoring. 

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