What We Can Learn from the Tailoring of the Eighties

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 When we think of the eighties we often think of big hair, new romantics and Frankie Says Relax. Though this decade is often remembered for its outlandish fashion and musical taste, there’s a lot more to take note of.

What are the eighties known for?

The eighties saw huge advances in technology. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the foundations of the internet and the personal computer became a viable consumer product. There were also huge leaps forward for video games and the Walkman.

Among other things, this decade is also remembered for the push towards laissez-faire capitalism, the ongoing Cold War, the AIDS crisis, the fall of the Berlin wall and the miners’ strike.

What was the fashion of the period?

Unlike the early decades of the twentieth century, by the 1980s gentlemen had a huge variety of fashionable clothing choices to go for. Tailoring was by no means the only choice, but those who did choose tailoring used it to make a real statement. Fashion became more extravagant generally during this period, and tailoring didn’t escape this. Oversized blazers were particularly popular (think Wham!).

The rise of the new romantic style also offered some great tailoring options. Fans of this style often wore high waisted trousers and hussar jackets, along with attention-grabbing frilly shirts.

What style lessons can we learn from the eighties?

We think the biggest lesson to take from the tailoring of the 1980s is that there is absolutely no reason for suits to be boring! Tailoring is ripe for experimentation. Whether you choose unusual shapes, eye-catching prints or bold colours; have fun with it!

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