“Work from home” to some of us might just have been a hit song released in 2016 but has now become a normal way of life with commuting to the office 5 days a week just a distant memory, for now.


One Constant that has emerged from this new work from home culture are those daily zoom meetings which has brought about the very topic of this article “WHAT DO I WEAR TO WORK IN MY HOME?!”


For most people going to work meant you had a set uniform in some shape or form, be that a suit or shirt and trousers. Working out what to wear when working from home has become an as essential part of our daily routine as making sure the WIFI connection is up to scratch!


Our daily wardrobe choices are in some way more important now than they were when we were travelling in to the office! Whilst it is important to remain comfy sat at your kitchen table being pestered by the dog! Or in your home office, we also need to dress in a way that separates how productive we are during the week compared to the weekend!


How do I achieve this I hear you cry?! Well look no further as I have picked out 5 essential Mullen and Mullen work from home garments that transform you from the office boss, to the work from home KING!


  1. Jacket (but like you have never owned before)




This cashmere wool blend jacket is Loro Piana at there glorious best. Paired with one of the finest merchants in the land this completely unconstructed, unlined jacket is the ultimate in working from home sheik! The cashmere blend gives the jacket that luxurious feel you want in any meeting be it zoom or when your back in the office!


  1. Is it a shirt? Is it a polo? NO! It’s the answer to both!



This tailored Cotton Shirt come polo shirt is THE perfect answer to all your shirt wearing dilemmas! It is smart enough to wear when online with your boss (The 4 button style means he wont be able to see the difference on your camera) but casual enough for those Friday evening zoom quizzes with your colleagues! This comes in all colours and in long or short sleeve depending on whether you sit by the radiator!



  1. Can’t bring yourself to wear trousers at home? Chinos feel too much? Tracksuit bottoms far too little?



Feast your eyes on our brand new style of trouser we will be offering from April! The drawstring gives you the casual feel of sweatpants, tailored to fit like your suit trousers to give you that work feel topped off with the everyday comfort of your chino and you have the perfect work from home combination. Coming in a wide range of cloths, who’s to say you can’t wear them when you return to the office! I know I will be!


  1. Out with the Penny loafer and in with the Penny Sneaker!



With wearing shoes all but a distant memory now, Check out these brand-new sneakers. From above they look like your classic penny loafer but put them together with the white sole and suede material you have the perfect comfort shoe to wear around the house and in case you need to pop to the shops on your dinner (essential shopping of course!)


  1. And to finish things off!




This tailored padded gilet is the perfect jacket or jumper substitute any day of the week! Light weight and quilted means you don’t need to take it off well….. ever! When normality resumes you can still be rocking this under any suit jacket!