The Tie Bar: Do You Need One?

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Tie bars first came to prominence in the 1920s when the modern day straight tie came into fashion. They are typically made of metal and an inch or two long and are used to clip your tie to your shirt. 

On the fence about whether you need one? We’d like to change your mind. 

We think a tie bar can be a very useful accessory for three key reasons.

One: because they serve a very practical purpose 

If you’re the kind of gentleman who often finds his tie out of place, adding a tie bar to your look could be a good move. 

A tie bar will keep your tie neatly in place in the centre of your shirt all day, no matter how windy it is, how much you fidget, or how often you have to dash between offices. 

Two: because they add an additional design element

If you pride yourself on being particularly well tailored, you may find that a tie bar adds a very welcome finishing touch to your look. Tie bars come in all kinds of designs, from classic styles to highly decorative or novelty versions. 

This means that a tie bar offers you an additional way to add personality to your bespoke tailoring. Whatever your style, you’ll be able to find a tie bar to compliment it.

Three: because they look really cool

There’s something really suave about a tie bar worn right. For best results, choose a bar that is around three quarters of the width of your tie.  

Want to see what we mean about tie bars looking seriously cool? Here’s the evidence: exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C.

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