The Art of Dressing for a Dinner Date

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February is a month of dinner dates. Whether you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved one, or whether you’re hoping to impress a first date; trust us when we say that success starts with your wardrobe. 

What a gentleman wears for an evening out says a lot about him. First impressions are very important here, and this holds true whether we’re talking about your date’s first ever impression of you… or just the way you look that evening. Putting some thought into your outfit shows your date that the evening is important to you. 

How to look smart casual, not business casual

If you know anything at all about Mullen & Mullen, you’ll know that we very much believe in keeping things classic. After all, a beautifully tailored suit is extremely hard to beat. 

The art of dressing for a dinner date is all about striking the right balance of classic smart casual without looking like you’ve come straight from the office. Your date wants to be certain that your outfit is solely for their benefit, not just a result of your office dress code. 

There are some great ways to do this. Instead of the usual suit and tie combo, you could try:

  • Going without a tie and wearing the top button or two of your shirt undone
  • Swapping your suit jacket for a blazer
  • Wearing a more evening-appropriate patterned shirt under your suit
  • Going jacket-less and wearing a head-turning shirt with chinos instead
  • Pairing your suit with a shirt the same colour - if you try this one, definitely leave the tie at home
  • Embracing a hipster aesthetic and wearing a bow tie with a blazer and chinos
  • Swapping your usual suit jacket for a complimentary waistcoat

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