The Argument for Keeping Things Classic This Summer

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We write this from the middle of a British heatwave. As the temperatures soar, it can be difficult to know what to wear. A simple t-shirt and shorts may feel like the best option for an afternoon at the park with the children or even a trip to the local beer garden. 

But what about events that require more formal attire?

We’d like to argue strongly in favour of keeping your outfits sharp this summer. A traditional summer cut suit is an excellent choice for smart/casual occasions including business meetings, sports games, weddings and christenings. 

Why not embrace the season by opting for a beige suit? They look exceptionally good with a plain white shirt. Linen and cotton blend fabrics are very cool to wear, and you can talk to your tailor about the benefits of an unlined or partially lined suit to increase airflow. 

For the best results in midsummer, we recommend leaving your tie in your wardrobe and unbuttoning your top button. Loafers can be a great summer-friendly footwear, and you can even wear them without socks if that’s your preference.

If it’s really hot, and the dress code of the occasion allows, you can leave out the jacket altogether. Although it can be useful to have it to hand for those times when summer evenings get a little chilly. 

The bottom line here is that we think it simply makes sense to keep things classic, in summer and all year round. Not only are you guaranteed to look sharp in a classic tailored look, you also don’t need to worry about styling an outfit from scratch each time. Instead, once your tailor has done the hard work, you can enjoy maximum style for only minimal effort!

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