Tailoring for Newbies: Where to Start

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If you’re about to take your first steps into the bespoke tailoring world, welcome. Once you’re here, we’re confident that you’ll never want to look back. 

The difference between buying a ready to wear suit and a bespoke suit is huge. There’s a lot more choice, a lot more focus on fit and a lot more attention to your personal style, rather than just what’s in style that season. 

We understand that this might seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to. The great thing about bespoke tailoring is that you’ll have an industry expert on hand to walk you through the whole process.

Find yourself a great tailor 

With this in mind, we recommend that the best place to start is to find yourself a really good tailor. An experienced tailor will be able to create a bespoke suit for you that’s a perfect fit for both your body type and your lifestyle. 

How should you choose your tailor?

Personal recommendations can be a great way to find a tailor. If you know a gentleman who is always impeccably attired, you may want to ask for the name of his tailor. Do keep in mind though that the right tailor is very much a matter of personal opinion, and the ideal tailor for one person might not be the style for you.

Once you have the names of a few tailors, you’ll want to see some examples of their work. Many will show examples on their website, or you may be able to request a brochure (you can request a copy of ours here). This is a great way to get a feel for the quality of their work and their house style. 

Once you’ve found a tailor whose work you really like the look of, it’s time to make an appointment. Almost all good tailoring companies will offer complimentary consultations with no obligation. 

Trust us when we say that taking the time to find your ideal tailor is well worth it. With any luck, yours will be a long and fruitful relationship that’ll do wonders for your wardrobe.