Style Inspiration from Tinie Tempah

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Tinie Tempah is a British rapper, singer and songwriter. He’s best known for his music including number one singles ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Written in the Stars.’ In fact, Tinie Tempah has had six British number ones, which is the most by any rap artist.

But it’s not just Tempah’s music you should be paying attention too. Tempah is also a rising star in the fashion industry. He launched his fashion label Disturbing London alongside his first album, was named ambassador for London Menswear Collections in 2015 and is a regular on GQ’s best dressed list.

So what is it about Tempah’s look that has so captured the attention of the fashion industry? In short, we think it’s his talent for fusing classic British tailoring with a more urban style. Tempah is often photographed in beautifully cut Saville Row suits, but he wears them in a way that’s all his own.

We really admire the way Tempah wears his tailoring. He’s a great example of how the old and the new can come together to create something really special. If you want to take fashion inspiration from Tinie Tempah, take a look at the way he accessorises his suits. Costume jewellery, scarves, glasses and outerwear all play a part in his outfits, as do meticulous grooming and a heavy dose of confidence.

Want to see what we’re talking about for yourself?

There are so many great touches with this red cord suit. Note the cropped trouser length, the v-neck t-shirt underneath and the patent statement shoes.

Who would’ve thought a denim shirt could look so good under a blazer?

Here’s another perfect example of Tempah’s penchant for mixing traditional and urban clothing. The loose-necked t-shirt adds an unexpected element to this sharp blazer and chinos combo.

Proof that you certainly don’t need to wear a tie for a formal event. This textured white double-breasted suit is a real attention-grabber, again featuring Tempah’s preferred cropped trouser length.

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