Style Inspiration from Roger Federer

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He may have been unsuccessful at defending his Wimbledon 2017 title this month, but there’s certainly a lot to admire about Roger Federer both on and off the pitch. Federer is currently ranked as world number two in men’s tennis and has won an astounding twenty grand slam singles titles. 

On the court, Federer has a versatile game style with exceptional footwork. Off the court, Federer’s style is almost as impressive. He is known for his suave sartorial choices and was named GQ’s most stylish man alive in 2016.

What we most appreciate about Federer’s look is it’s quiet sophistication. He favours a classic look, and, well, the results speak for themselves. This is a gentlemen who wears a dinner jacket like a second skin. For what could be a better look than a beautifully fitted, high quality suit in a neutral colour? Move over 007, Roger Federer is a real life style icon whose formal look we can very much get behind. 

Want to see the suaveness for yourself? 

It makes sense to begin with the tailoring look that Federer is most often associated with; the dinner jacket. Simple, sharp, elegant. 

Moving on, and let’s invite Federer to give us a masterclass in wearing white. This white suit looks effortlessly chic layered over a sporty white polo shirt

One of the great things about Federer’s look is the quiet reminder that you don’t need to try and do something different to make an impact. This quietly textured grey suit speaks to this brilliantly. 

Finally, for a more smart/casual look, Federer often favours layering a dark sports jacket over lighter trousers. Here’s a great example of this look in action

If you’re looking for more Federer tailoring inspiration, we recommend this Pinterest board.