Style Inspiration from Pep Guardiola

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When we’re looking for style icons, the football pitch is rarely our first port of call. However, Spanish manager Pep Guardiola has changed that. This is a man who knows how to work a suit both on the sidelines and off. 

Guardiola is the current manager of Manchester City. He’s an ex footballer himself and was regarded as one of the best players of his generation during his time at FC Barcelona. In addition to managerial record that includes more than twenty championship wins, Guardiola has also gained the enviable nickname of the best dressed man in football.

It’s not hard to see why he’s gained this particular honour. There’s something about Guardiola’s style that is just effortlessly cool. 

The key thing about Guardiola’s look is that he knows what works for him and he sticks with it. He doesn’t try and be overly creative: he sticks to his own personal uniform and his style is so much the better for it.

Want to see what we mean?

He wears a slim cut grey suit like a second skin

He’s an expert at layering. We admire the way he wears a sweater under his suit. It looks great, it adds a welcome bit of colour and we bet he appreciates the extra warmth on the sideline. 

We’ll also award additional style points for his use of a cardigan under a suit jacket. Many people wouldn’t be able to carry it off, but Guardiola can.

And he doesn’t just stop there; he’s also partial to a navy polo neck

He’s not afraid to accessorise; Guardiola wears an oversized scarf with ease

He understands the importance of stylish outerwear. Whether he opts for a traditional overcoat, a  long slimline jacket, a duffel or a tweed jacket, Guardiola adds practicality without sacrificing style.

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