Style Inspiration from James Norton

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James Norton is a Cambridge graduate and RADA trained actor who appears to have been granted the enviable talent of moving seamlessly between stage and screen. He has appeared in television productions such as Grantchester, Happy Valley, and War & Peace, and in films including Belle and An Education.

Though Norton’s CV is particularly impressive, personally we’re more taken by his style credentials. Norton describes his own style as ‘classic.’ He’s particularly into vintage clothing and even used to sell gentlemen’s vintage clothing on his own market stall.

Norton appears to be unashamedly clear on what works for him fashion-wise. Time and time again he opts for simple, traditional options that he knows suit him perfectly. We think this is an excellent way to make sartorial choices: looking great doesn’t have to be about pushing boundaries after all.

Want to see James Norton’s well-polished look in action? We think he is worthy of style admiration because:

This is a man who knows the sartorial power of a gently crumpled pocket square

He likes his bow ties classic with a touch of textured personality

He knows how to work a Prince of Wales check suit

Norton is often pictured in classic overcoats such as this navy blue coat with a contrast collar 

He expertly mixes luxury tailored pieces with more casual items such as jeans.

Somehow Norton can pull off the gentlemen’s favourite tweed blazer even with accompanying Happy Valley buzz cut

And finally: he relishes the sartorial power of a good quality white shirt

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