Style Inspiration from Father Christmas

Photo source

Sometimes men’s tailoring inspiration comes from unlikely sources. Today we’re looking at what we can learn from a man who wears one of the most famous suits in the world.

Father Christmas is well known by children around the world for his iconic red and white suit. The myth of the nocturnal Christmas gift giver became popular in the UK in Victorian times, when Father Christmas was generally pictured as an old man with a flowing white beard wearing a long red gown with a hood trimmed with white fur. 

The modern santa suit was created by the editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly magazine in the late 1800s. This was then used as the inspiration for the Santa Claus advertising images created for the Coca Cola Company in the 1930s. 

Today’s highly recognisable suit consists of a red velvet trouser suit trimmed with white fur. This is accessorised by a patent leather black belt, black boots and a red and white nightcap. 

Though we’re not suggesting you don an outfit exactly like this, (unless you’re portraying the big man himself, in which case, please go ahead!) we do think there are a few things to learn from Father Christmas in terms of style.

Lesson one: quality matters

There’s a world of difference between a cheap santa suit and an expensive one. A Father Christmas dressed in high quality rich red velvet is always more magical than one in a synthetic alternative. 

Lesson two: pay attention to detail

What kind of Father Christmas would set out on Christmas Eve without shining his silver belt buckle or polishing his patent black boots?! Investing a bit of time in your accessories can really finish your look, as well as ensuring they will stay looking good for many years to come.

Lesson three: develop a signature style

There’s something very special about creating a signature style. When you’ve found a look that really works for you, it can be the perfect fall back for any occasion you’re unsure about sartorially. This includes weddings, dates, interviews and photo shoots. 

However, if you’re planning on developing your own signature style, we do recommend you opt for something more low key than red velvet and white fur!

Need a bit of Father Christmas inspiration in the form of last minute gifts? We can help with that, too.