Style Inspiration from Edward Sexton

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Edward Sexton is a legendary Savile Row tailor who has dressed style icons including The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Elton John and Naomi Campbell. 

He may be a British tailoring legend now, but when Sexton and his business partner Tommy Nutter opened Nutters in 1969, it was the first new tailoring establishment on Savile Row for 120 years. It was certainly a risk, but their revolutionary tailoring and high profile clients soon meant that the newest name on the street became one of the biggest.

Sexton began operating under his own name in 1982, then moved away from Savile Row altogether in 1990. Since then he has collaborated with big industry names such as Chloé, Stella McCartney and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The most fundamental thing about the Edward Sexton style is the importance of impeccable work by hand. Though Sexton has been at the forefront of the style evolution of tailoring, he has never moved away from the importance of beautiful craftsmanship. It’s this distinguished cutting and incredible attention to detail that results in such iconic tailoring.

We’d say the second most important thing about the Edward Sexton style is fit. Sexton known industry-wide for his extraordinary talent for cutting. He knows that the elegance of a suit is all about the fit, both for male and female customers. He experiments with modern and vintage fit techniques to create suits that look amazing and feel great. 

Finally, to really understand the magic of Sexton tailoring, you need to consider the architecture of it all. Cutting is a huge part of tailoring, but so is piecing everything together in the most exciting way.

Let us illustrate this. Whether dressing Lennon, Starr and McCartney on the Abbey Road album cover,  Mick and Bianca Jagger on their wedding dayor, more recently, Tinie Tempahor Harry Styles, every piece of tailoring has a shape and a personality of its own.

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