Style Inspiration from Eddie Redmayne

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Today we’re taking style inspiration from an Oscar winner who’s played such diverse roles as Marius Pontmercy in Les Miserables, Professor Stephen Hawking in A Theory of Everything and Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl.

We’re talking, of course, about British actor Eddie Redmayne. 

In addition to being a multi award-winning actor (including GQ’s Best Dressed Man 2015), Redmayne has the added talent of looking great in traditional tailoring. Perhaps it’s confidence, perhaps it’s something he learnt during his modelling career or perhaps it’s a lucky natural attribute. Whatever it is, we think we can all learn something from the effortless way he carries off a suit.

One of the great things about Redmayne’s style is that it’s consistent. Here is a gentleman who knows what suits him and isn't afraid to return to that classic look event after event. He’s obviously extremely comfortable in a suit, presumably thanks to being educated at Eton College, and appears to own the perfect one for every eventuality.

Of course, consistency doesn’t have to mean boring. Redmayne may be more often photographed in a suit than any other type of clothing… but he manages to get a lot of variety into those suits. Here he is in turquoise, oversized checks, tweed, white, pale blue, and even statement red tartan

Though his career certainly gives him ample opportunity to wear formal tailoring, Redmayne is also an old hand at the dressed down smart casual suit. He knows when to drop the tie, when to mix in knitwear, and when to leave the jacket at home altogether and wear his shirt sleeves perfectly rolled. 

You don’t get to be such an expert at wearing tailoring without having a top class understanding of shape and fit. We have no doubt that Redmayne has an impeccable tailor on speed dial as his suits are always beautifully fitted. 

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