Style Inspiration from Dermot O’Leary

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Dermot O’Leary is a British Irish television presenter and DJ. He’s well known for his sharp suits in his role as the presenter of the X Factor, and has even been seen to do a little spin at the beginning of the programme to show off his tailoring! 

It’s thanks to this penchant for quality tailoring that O’Leary has been a regular in GQ’s Best Dressed Men lists. This year he was named at number 12. O’Leary is known to favour Thom Sweeney tailoring, and the designers behind the brand, Thom Whiddet and Luke Sweeney, have said of O’Leary’s style:

"With a style that demonstrates the modern male's ideal wardrobe, Dermot O'Leary is the model ambassador for British tailoring, while also being able to perfect the smart-casual look that we all aim to achieve."

So what is it about O’Leary’s style that makes it so special? Put simply, he knows how to make his tailoring work for him. Over the years he’s developed a trademark look that he knows is flattering on him, and he stays within the boundaries of this to keep his look consistent and impressive. 

For O’Leary, this generally means three piece suits in shades of grey, black and navy. Most importantly, each piece of tailoring is always perfectly fitted. 

Want to see some examples of O’Leary’s flawless tailoring style?

Here he is in a classic grey suit. This is a surefire look that always looks great. 

Want to see something with a little bit of added interest? Here’s an expert lesson in matching your tie to your pocket square.

Sticking to the same signature colours doesn’t have to be dull. O’Leary is a master at using texture to work to his advantage

O’Leary often wears polo-neck tops in more casual ensembles, and he’s a pro at introducing this element to his tailored outfits, too

Still think monochrome might get boring? Here’s a counter argument featuring pinstripes and bold tailoring accessories

O’Leary also keeps things fresh within his trademark look by playing with shape. He's known for favouring horse shoe shape waistcoats which brings extra sophistication to his look.  

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