Style Inspiration from Chadwick Boseman

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Chadwick Boseman is an American actor best known for his title role in Black Panther and the associated Avengers franchise. He is also recognisable for his roles portraying historical figures including James Brown in the film Get on Up, Jackie Robinson in 42and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall.

Boseman initially studied directing and writing and only began studying acting in order to better understand the actors he was working with. Though it’s now acting that he’s best known for, Boseman continues to be involved with directing and writing within the film industry.

Of course, it’s not just writing, directing and acting that Boseman has a talent for. He also has a flair for style. Over recent years he has been creating a stir on the red carpet with the help of eye-catching statement pieces.

Who’d have thought it was possible to make the right sort of waves by wearing a red snakeskin jacket to the Governor’s Awards? Or a bejewelled coat to a Vanity Fair event? Or a metallic Oriental shirt to a film premiere? And talking of film premieres, what about wearing a tiger print coat or a bold blue patterned blazer?

Though these outfit choices may come across as eccentric on someone else, Boseman manages to pull them all off with elegant aplomb. How? The answer’s quite simple, really.

The key statement piece may change each time, but the format of Boseman’s ‘uniform’ does not. He knows that each of his bold garments needs to be the centre of attention, and he keeps the rest of his outfit calm to allow that.

Take away each statement coat or jacket, and Boseman is generally left with beautifully tailored classic garments in black or charcoal. Here is a gentleman who knows how to give us just enough to make an impact. 

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