Style Inspiration from Antoni Porowski

Image from @antoni on Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Antoni Porowski, you probably haven’t yet become acquainted with Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. Netflix’s reboot, which will be releasing its fifth series in the new year, has been a worldwide success.

Antoni Porowski is a Polish Canadian actor with a sideline career in the food industry. Thanks to this extensive catering experience, Porowski fills the role of the resident food and wine expert on Queer Eye. However, this isn’t the only area where he has made a splash. Porowski is also making a name for himself as something as a style icon. And we’re far from the only ones who think this!

So what it is about Porowski’s style that has us sitting up and taking notes? He seems just as comfortable in a slogan tee and skinny jeans as he does in tailoring, though somehow he seems to be able to incorporate the playfulness of the former flawlessly into the latter.

There’s no question that tailoring is a formal clothing choice… but Porowski proves that formal doesn’t have to be synonymous with ‘boring’ or ‘expected’. Rather, he generally styles his tailoring with unexpected layers or accessories that manage to bring something entirely new to his look. 

Want to get a sense of what we mean?

Here’s Porowski in a classic pair of trousers and sports jacket… though both garments are cropped.

How about a well cut black suit… paired with a beige cashmere sweater instead of a shirt?

Or black tie the Porowski way… Prince Charlie style jacket with slim tailored trousers and chrome ankle boots.

Finally, let us draw your attention to Porowski in a tan suit… with co-ordinating tan shirt and waist belt.

These details are certainly all unexpected, but somehow they just work. We think Antoni Porowski’s style is a fantastic reminder that you don’t have to always play it safe to look good.

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