Six Stylish Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

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We may be in the grips of an Indian Summer, but this unseasonably warm weather can’t last forever. Not to worry: once the time for rolled up shirtsleeves and evening BBQs has come to an end, there are plenty of things to look forward to about autumn. 

One of the things we’re particularly excited about is delving back into our autumnal wardrobes. Here are six things we’re keen to get back into our everyday style rotations:


Tailoring aficionados will understand what we mean when we say we feel half undressed without a suit jacket. Luckily, the cooler weather brings with it the chance to embrace our whole wardrobes, including sports jackets and blazers.


If you’re not already a hat man, why not make this year the one you become one? Hats are incredibly practical at this time of year. In addition to adding a certain Don Draper-esque attitude to any look, a good hat will keep the heat in and the rain out.


There’s something inherently satisfying about a soft scarf on a cool autumn morning. We like ours made from luxury fibres such as silk and cashmere.


Every gentleman deserves a flattering overcoat: choose carefully and yours will last you for many, many years to come. The best overcoats look just as stylish with business attire as they do over chinos and knitwear. 


Want to add additional warmth to your suit? A beautifully tailored waistcoat is the perfect way to do this. You’ll be nice and toasty in the extra layer and will look particularly suave.


In recent years there’s been a move towards wearing boots with a suit rather than traditional brogues. We’re fans of this look: a good quality pair of smart boots can add a great edge to traditional tailoring. Want to try this out for yourself? We think it works best with Chelsea Boots.

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