Quick Tips for Wearing Tailored Separates

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Beautiful tailoring is endlessly versatile. Suits are a must for any discerning gentleman’s wardrobe, but stylish separates are also an excellent buy.

Tailored separated such as blazers, sports jackets and trousers are ideal for smart/casual occasions. They can give off a more laid back vibe than a full suit, without sacrificing any suaveness! Mixing and matching separates can also create more opportunity to create a more unique look.

If you’re hoping to raise your game with tailored separates, here are some quick tips from us on getting it right.


  • You can get more mileage from your wardrobe by wearing individual parts of your existing suits as separates. 
  • If you do mix and match pieces from different suits, the golden rule is to pair pieces that have a similar fit. Two slim fitting tailored pieces will likely look great together, slim fit trousers with a looser cut jacket will not. 
  • To make this easier, you may want to choose the fit style that’s most flattering for your body shape and stick to that across your wardrobe.
  • If you’re less confident with separates, start with neutral colours. A navy blazer, for example, will generally be easy to style with beige, grey or brown trousers. 
  • Once you get more secure in your styling ability, why not experiment with colour? Separates can be a great way to bring some bolder hues to your outfit without wearing it head to toe. The golden rule is to go bold with either your jacket or your trousers.
  • If you have a colourful jacket and you’re not sure what to pair it with, we think a pair of beige or navy trousers is an excellent start.
  • A blazer or sports jacket can look great with a pair of jeans, but choose your denim wisely. Darker washes are usually easier to style, and steer well clear of any pre-ripped styles. 
  • You probably don’t need us to tell you this… but whether you’re wearing a jacket with suit trousers or jeans; your shirt should always be tucked in!

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