Quick Tips for Taking Your Suit from the Office to the Bar

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One of our favourite things about men’s tailoring is just how versatile it is. A beautifully fitted suit will always look great; whatever the occasion, whatever the location. 

If you wear a suit to work, you may often find yourself still in that suit for post-work drinks. Though a good suit is certainly at home in any bar, you may want to tweak your look for the evening. 

This is especially helpful if your evening plans include a dinner date or a non-work-related social event and you don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of the office.

Here are our quick tips for taking your suit seamlessly from the office to the bar.

Take off your tie

Removing your tie, stashing it in your desk drawer and unbuttoning the top button or two of your shirt is a great way to loosen up your look for the evening. You may also find that this is a bit more comfortable, especially if you’re planning a late one!

Switch out your shirt

A simple white shirt is often the perfect look for the office, but you might want something a bit more exciting for a night out. For a real change, why not try a jewel toned shirt, a black shirt, or even a bold floral print?

Unbutton your jacket

A buttoned jacket means business, and this is often the best look for the office. However, once 5pm rolls around, unbuttoning your jacket looks more casual and stylish.

Change your footwear

If your office has a formal dress code, you probably wear Derby shoes or Oxfords at work. Add a little laid back personality to your look before you leave the office by paying your suit with Chelsea boots or loafers instead. 

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