Quick Tips for Autumn Style

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Autumn is a season that’s commonly romanticised. If Instagram’s your thing, you’re probably only a week or two away from seeing a feed filled with changing leaves, new boots and takeaway coffee cups.

Though there are certainly some excellent things about autumn, it can also be a tricky time of year to get abreast of. This is a transitional period that usually boasts highly changeable weather. We’ll have cold snaps, bright sunshine, heavy rain, surprisingly mild temperatures and gale force winds… sometimes all in one afternoon.

This changeability means that it can be very difficult to dress well at this time of year. However, a few careful plans can help you survive the season suavely.

Here are our quick tips for autumn style

  • Gradually change out your cottons for thicker fabrics. Light wools and twills are ideal for this time of year.
  • Make sure your outer layer is on your side. A waxed cotton trench coat is a practical, waterproof but classically stylish option.
  • Embrace boots. Chelsea boots and desert boots are both versatile all-rounders that can be worn with on and off duty looks.
  • Layers are your friends. We like light cashmere sweaters for this. They’re effortlessly smart to wear, will keep your surprisingly warm when you need it, but won’t take up much space in your bag if you don’t need them later on in the day.
  • Introduce earthy tones. The time for summer pastels has come to an end. Autumn is a a great time to bring out the more earthy tones you have in your wardrobe. Think forest green, mustard yellow and deep burgundy.

How are you preparing for the colder weather ahead? Take a look at our advice on making sure your wardrobe is ready.