Patterned Fabric: Small Scale VS Big Scale

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Pattern can be an excellent way to personalise your tailoring. One of the wonderful things about working with a bespoke tailor is that you’ll have complete creative control over incorporating pattern into your garment.

How bold you want to be with pattern is completely up to you. You may want to use it as a lining or as a piping for a more subtle look. Alternatively, you may want to fully embrace the pattern and choose a print for the main garment fabric.

Wherever you want to display your patterns, whether you choose small scale or big scale will have a serious impact on the finished product.

The case for small scale patterns

A small scale pattern is likely to be a better choice for a smaller area. If you’re choosing a patterned fabric to use as piping. a smaller scale print would definitely work better than a larger scale one. 

If you’re working with a larger area, such as a blazer or a whole suit, a smaller scale pattern can look great. This tends to create a more subtle patterned look, and from a distance may appear more of a texture rather than a specific pattern. 

The case for big scale patterns

A big scale pattern is the right choice for you if you really want to make an impact. Larger scale patterns don’t work as well on smaller surface areas such as pipings or even some linings, as there generally isn’t enough space to do the print justice. 

If you’re looking at a patterned fabric to use as a main suit or jacket fabric, however, or even as a full lining for a coat or jacket, these can work brilliantly. Just be prepared to be noticed! 

Would you like to incorporate more pattern into your wardrobe? Why not book an appointment with our expert tailors to chat about how to do this on your terms?